Dr. Kruschinski

February 20, 2014


Dr. Kruschinski, medical head of the Endoscopic Gynecology Centers in Germany, pursues the idea of quasi-franchise system for a hospital structure with several operating centres in different locations.  A specialist for this discipline Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is one of the most frequently invited German speakers to international congresses, symposia, workshops and surgical tutorials, has been actively involved in endoscopic gynecology for over 18 years.

Dr. Kruschinski developed Gasless laparoscopy which dispenses with insufflation of carbon dioxide (CO2) together with all its side effects, & is being currently used at the EndoGyn centers. This method is a result of a progressive effort to render keyhole surgery more tolerable as a minimally invasive method and to eliminate the side effects associated with insufflation of CO2.

He has the greatest experience worldwide and, at international level, the highest number of operations with the technique of gasless Lift-laparoscopy (over 5000 operations & 20 years of experience). Dr. Kruschinski input led to the development of different systems which are being used in gasless Lift-Laparoscopy.

Dr. Kruschinski developed the system VarioLiftGyn in 1996-1998 & the system AbdoLif was developed by 1999. Dr. Kruschinski has employed this system for more than 3000 operations.

Many surgical techniques such as e.g. "Gasless laparoscopic hysterectomy with conventional instruments (GLaHCI)" or "Laparoscopic assisted mini-laparotomy (LaMiLa)" were introduced by him with surgical laparoscopy using regional anesthesia being the most innovative.

Dr. Kruschinski organizes international congresses, symposia, workshops and tutorials worldwide on gasless Lift-laparoscopy. EndoGyn centers, gynecologists worldwide are learning about these modern and progressive developments in minimally invasive surgery under his direction. EndoGyn Ltd. applaudes Dr. Kruschinski for his achievements.