Welcome to the EndoGyn System Help !

Please watch for the website you want to be at!

Please compare the title in the browser (1) with the title in the header-image (1) and the title above the first article (1).


As soon as you choose another website like "Adhesions" from "special treatments" the items in the browser, in the title and above the post area change and a second menue appears below the first (1-3). 












The first menu (2) belongs to and the lower menu (3) belongs to the second website, in these case to

Please remember that you are always in two websites, which operate in one window. If you choose an item from the first menu, you will be transferred to the main website, which is EndoGyn (picture below), where general information are available. If you like to come back to the special website, like adhesions here, you might do it with the back button or click "special treatments" and choose from the items again.

Please be aware, that both menues have the item "home". In the first menu (2) "home" brings you to the starting page of EndoGyn, in the second menu (3) it will bring you to the starting page of the current website.