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This website contains all topics relevant to adhesions, general and specific for EndoGyn®.

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April 4, 2010
Target of this website

Target of this website

What is different about this site?

What is different about this website?

In one of my consultation hours there was a patient with the typical story of a patient with an adhesions disease:

Many surgeries, anyone believes her pain, no surgeons would touch her, is about to being send to a psychiatric department, as the doctors ignore her pain…
She presented this photo to me to show how she thinks and feels, her abdomen must look like…

Please look at this images and let it affect on you…

I think, it is a wonderful abstract image of an abdomen full of adhesions, isn’t it ?

April 4, 2010
The new EndoGyn Forum / Message Board

The new EndoGyn Forum / Message Board

Wellcome to EndoGyn® Forum
there is the new EndoGyn-Forum, which is implemented directly into the EndoGyn Websites and thus allows a faster navigation between different sites and Informations.
Step-by-step some of the informations of the old message board will be transferred.
Under “discussions” you can already now ask questions and/or issue an proposal.
If you register, you may see the new contents directly after login.

August 6, 2010
EndoGyn - the difference!

EndoGyn – the difference!

Surgery in 99 % without a laparotomy!

Laparoscopy without carbon dioxide gas!

Better cosmetics!

We take our patients serious!

September 8, 2010
Dr. Kruschinski

Dr. Kruschinski

Dr. Kruschinski, medical head of the Endoscopic Gynecology Centers in Germany, pursues the idea of quasi-franchise system for a hospital structure with several operating centres in different locations.  A specialist for this discipline Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is one of the most frequently invited German speakers to international congresses, symposia, workshops and surgical tutorials, has been actively […]

February 20, 2014