Rick’s story – a husband of an ARD sufferer

Rick's story – a husband of an ARD sufferer

 Posted Saturday, August 30, 2003 @ 12:50 PM   Hello all, I am so far behind on letting everyone know the outcome of our expeirience with Dr. Kruschinski in Germany. We arrived back in the states on August 5th. She feels great and has just had a small discomfort in the area a few times. We are hoping that nothing is reforming. I can't say enough about the Doctor. I am very comfortable that I made the best decision for her. He was an outstanding doctor by any standards. Constantly checked on her, came to her bedside at night when she was dealing with post operative pain and always had time to talk to me about her condition. Loved the Clinic he uses. Michelle and Stephi were so helpful and the anestecioligist was very thorough and caring. I want to thank some people and I apologize for not remembering everyone that helped me when we first were trying to get a grip on what to do. For those that do not know, my wife was in incredible pain in a quick amount of time. We had to make a rapid decision very quickly. The initial people that got on the phone with me and spent the time to explain their expeiriences was Sally Grigg and Robin Masse and her husband Bob. If they had not taken there time to talk with me, I would have ended up having her OBGYN do a lysis, and we probably back in the same boat that we were. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

My wives condition ended up being worse than we expected. We thought the same adhesion had reformed. But it turned out to be and obstruction in the upper right quardrant. Here intestines had blown up to 4 times there normal sized and we were weeks from having it burst. Goood thing we didn't take her doctors advice in the states and just do acupuncture.

I will update everyone in 3 months to see if we truly got it. I unlike others, did not go into this with the preconceived notion that Dr. Kruschinski could guarantee no reformation. I went in believing that I was taking her to one of the only doctors that knew how to deal with adhesions, thus giving us a far better chance to put this behind us. I would recommend him to anyone that is suffering from this horrible illness.

P.S. I think that the gasless surgery is the way to go. My wives recovering was nothing like the gas recovery. She was site seeing with me 2 days later. The drug withdrawal was much worse than the post op surgery discomfort.  


Posted Wednesday, September 24, 2003 @ 10:20 AM   All, I left a few people questioning what really happened in Germany when my wife had surgery at the end of July with Dr. Kruschinski. We did not have a second look and I have received a lot of private emails about this. Some from the trolls suggested that we had a problem with him. That could not be more false. The reason we did not tell everyone was that what we found out was that my wife was very pregnant. Due to the amount of medication she was on, we had concerns whether we could go forward with the pregnancy. We have now seen many specialist and have had many deep ultrasounds, and the baby is doing wonderfully. She is now almost 5 months pregnant.

I don't think my wife would be pregnant if it was not for the fact that we went to Germany. For those that don't know, it is not considered very safe to be put under when you are pregnant. I am so happy that the doctor at the Emma Klinik (can't remember his name, Thomas I think) was the one that did it. I would not have wanted these kids in the US do this. We had no choice to do surgery because my wife was in such pain. It turned out it was an intestinal blockage and if we had not got there when we did, we would have been looking at emergency surgery soon and would probably have lost the baby in that surgery for sure.

We are two months now with no pain. I will feel much better in two more months that they did not reform. I am still very happy that we chose Dr. Kruschinski.

P.S. Robin Masse, congrats on 3 months 
Sally Grigg, good luck on your surgery 
Helen and Connie, good luck on your recoveries, another month or so, and we can all feel much better that they are gone.  


Posted Tuesday, March 23, 2004 @ 11:14 AM   Isabella actually arrived over a month ago, but we have been overwhelmed taking care of her. She arrived perfectly healthy and she is doing great still. She is the picture of health. FOr those that don't know, my wife went in July to Dr. K for adhesion surgery. The day before, we found out that she was 3 months pregnant. Because of her condition, we completly missed the signs that she was pregnant. Mommy is doing great and 7 months adhesion free.

We can't express our thankfullness for Dr. K, . Without him, there is a chance Isabella would not be here today.

Dr. K said he would attach some photos to this post. I want to thank everyone for their support, it looks like we have the adhesions licked and a beatiful baby on top of that.

What a beautifull baby ! I would like to give her the name "EndoGynia" or "Gaslessia" … 

but I think "Isabella Fabiola" is much nicer, isn't it ?


Posted Friday, August 5, 2005 @ 02:34 PM   Just realized that this week is my wives 2 year aniversary free from adhesions. Also, the 2 year anniversary of Dr. Krushinski telling us my wife was 3 months pregnant. She was so sick during that time that we had no idea she was pregnant. Both wife and child are perfectly healthy thanks to Dr. K. Thank god for gasless laproscopy or my child might have not been here. And thank god for Dr. K or my wife might have not been healthy enough to have a baby. We are blessed to have found him.