Helen from Sweden

Helen from Sweden

Posted Sunday, February 10, 2008 @ 04:35 AM     With the permission of a lucky mother from Europe: *****************************************

Hello best Dr Kruschinski! 

How are you doing? Everything allright on Germany? 

My life is wonderfull! I'm now the proud mother of baby boy Felix, 1,5 month old. I'm the happiest women alive I think! The pregnancy and delivery went very well. After delivery I have had some problems with cramps in bowels, very painfull, and immediately having to emty bowels several times after that. Pain lasts for 3-5 minutes over a period of ca 30 minutes-1 hour, until my bowels are completely emty. Don't know what is causing it? I have experienced it sometimes before pregnancy as well. 

I tried to fill out the follow up as best I could. Hard to define avarage pain level, since I experienced bowel pain rather seldom before, not every day as some do. 

I'm once again sorry that it has taken so long for me to fill out this form. But life has caught up. I'm in the last stages of dealing with the ensurance company, and with the baby and a new house and everything, well I've been busy. 

I have a question… what happens when you retire and are no longer operating? Is there anyone else who does what you do with the same technology and same good results? 

Regarding "my" doctors, no one is really interested in my story. They still think it's best to "remove" adhesions with an open surgery, saying it's too risky to use keyhole surgery. The risk of perforating bowels are too great they say, and also saying it's too hard to find the adhesions when you cannot open up and look, making it possible to miss alot of adhesions. 

I really hope you are still helping people all over the world, and whish that the medical society will start taking the problems of adhesions seriously, so that people can be helped in a better way than they are today. 

I will try to post on the message board as soon as possible 

Wish you the very best