Connie’s story

Connie's story

Posted Friday, August 22, 2003 @ 06:13 PM     !!!Connie's story –

Hi Everyone,

We start with a big hug and kiss to everyone who Emailed and prayed and wished me well, this support site is the best ever…

I know the trip to Germany could be a long post, so I'll start off as best as I can….

First, I knew I was suffering from adhesions, and that I was getting worse by the weeks , and I knew that a third bowel obstruction was elimanate…..So I looked up my options and educated myself as best as I could and decided to see Dr. Daniel Kruschinski in Germany to have lysis of adhesions, spraygel, gasless lap and a second look all hoping for a favorable outcome…….

My husband and I had to get the money together a total of 12,000……..get medical reports and plane tickets, put the kids together, all five of them, talk to Anthea for the hundreth time and,ask the doctor more questions ……and ….off we went on Tues. Aug 8…..

Day of surgery took 6 hours and 5 spraygel kits, Pain was much much less compared to other laprascopic methods…gasless is definitely better for the body….The Dr. took care of my every need , seeing me every day, even doing all the blood drawing himself…the Emma clinic was good, as I was treated with a private nurse and room……The only problem was their was no air conditioners and we were in the middle of a historic heat wave…110 for 7 days…..I was blistering hot!!!!!!!!!!I even changed beds in the middle of the night……..LOL missing patient………The surgery showed very severe dense adhesions wrapping around my intestines like a ball of knots, "frozen abdomen" Dr. got them all down and applied spaygel.

We returned to our apartment that was convienelty located next to the Dr.'s office and began to rest , by Tuesday I was taking a 2 hour bike ride down the Main River with Leon, I couldn't belive I had all the strength and energy and no pain after surgery to do this, the next day I went sightseeing to Frankfurter walking all over the city for 6 hours, we went again the next day………by that night I knew I did to much, but I was feeling great……

Friday, My birthday and second look, I was a pro by now, but this time I felt very tired as I had my menstrual cycle for a week and having a second surgery wasn't as easy as I thought…,,,,.Coming home I was given flowers by the Endogyn staff, and watched DVD… the next night I was in some pain, I called the Dr. and he came right over to give me pain meds, he continued to monitor my progress.

By Sunday I was very uncomfortably……I was filled with worry, something that didn't help me at all, I don't advise this….Dr. Kruschinski was calling and even coming to the apartment to check me….luckily the pain passed and I started to heal……

Leaving Germany was hard as I began to feel afraid to leave, scared and again worried about the chance of adhesion growing again……but my confidence in a skilled surgeon Dr. Kruschinski has calmed me down….So as of today, I occasionally take pain meds when the surgery incisions get bad….and wait to heal from surgery……I commit myself to educate the puplic and doctors in the U.S. to the problems of A.R.D. I will help in any way I can, because I belive this is our only options to help others….and whatever treatment anyone wishes to take I wish success and pain free to all my friends.

When speaking to Doctor Kruschinski, I knew that not all area's of the abdomen were expolored and that if I continued to have pain he may have to operate again,. So after 10 weeks when I was still feeling pain, I went to Germany for a second time. This was after Doctor Kruschinski had concured with my surgeon here in the states.

My insurence company made this easy for us as they had paided for the entire first operation. The Endogyn staff and Doc Kru made my stay as easy can be for me. I traveled with my son because my husband needed to work, so I was a bit nervous. ( My son ended up fainting when I came out of surgery, so I sent him to France with his surfboard)

The day of the surgery, Dr. Kruschinski had a professor surgeon from another hospital assist him with my surgery. They did find fatty adhesions wraped around bowels and my gastric area. Three days later the second look was preformed and SprayGel applied.

I am happy to say that it is 3 months post-op and I have not felt that old adhesion pain back. I live with confidence knowing that I had the best care from a very skilled surgeon who cared for my every need. I was lucky also to have the newest medical techniech with the newest drugs available to help with adhesion reformation. I am also grateful and lucky to have met Shirli who I adore and the doctors sons.

I would give any thing back to this man. Not only is he compassionate, kind hearted and brillent he is sincerely tolerable to have me as a patient.

With gratitude and warm wishes of continued success,

Just to add it's 5 months post-op and I feel great……5/5/04

Just to add it's one year post-op and I feel no adhesion pain..8/20/04

One and a half years later and still feeling great…..5/5/05


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I decided to write today to tell everyone that there is hope..You can get better if you believe. Believe that Dr. Kruschinski can help you. He has the skills and the combination adhesion barrier to make adhesions disappear. It was easy to choose to have surgery with him .It has been one year plus and I have no adhesion pain. I do not feel any adhesions. I decided to keep advocating ARD. I feel that we need to get the word out and encourage other patients to seek out his help. Many patients, after reading my article decided to see Dr. Kruschinski and today they are adhesion free. Being sick isn't easy, especially when you have to convience everyone that your in pain. That's why we have to be a team and help others who are suffering. Keep incouraging others that there is hope with Dr. Kruschinski. May God Bless all those who are still suffering.



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