Massive adhesions

Massive adhesions


A lady from Germany that is partly leaving in India had a lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis and a second-look.

These is the image before adhesiolysis:

The uterus is hanging with adhesions in the abdominal wall after a C-section in India and on the right the bowel

is adhered to the anterior abdominal wall. The right tube is half covered with bowel. 

Here one can see how dense the adhesions between the bowel and the anterior abdominal wall are. 

After adhesiolysis the tube is free …

and the bowel completely dissected off the abdominal and pelvic wall. 

also the uterus is dissected off the abdominal wall and can be moved (while it was fixed before). 

Application of SprayGel all over the surgical field.

and no adhesions in the second-look laparoscopy 

not from the bowel to the abdominal wall 

and not between the uterus and the abdominal wall 

also the tube is completely free, so we hope to see another SprayGel miracle baby soon!