Artificial mesh causes adhesions

Artifical MESH causes adhesions

If MESH was used in surgery, like for hernias or like in this case for stabilisation of a TRAM-Flap (Breast reconstruction with

Transverse Rectus abdominis Muscle Flap) adhesions are often the result and consequence.

This patient from Texas / US that we performed surgery 10 days ago and just yesterday the second look, had 4 previous surgeries

with her surgeon (he and his nurse came with the patient to observe the adhesiolysis procedure).


Here are the images: 



one can see the reformation of adhesions under the mesh.



After adhesiolysis, application of SprayGel



and no adhesion reformation at the second look laparoscopy.

 And in the same patient who underwent an abdominal hysterectomy years ago some more adhesions coould be detected.



Here are adhesions to the left pelvic arae with pulling sensations to the bowel:



Here the same area after adhesiolysis



and here after application of SprayGel


and the second-look laparoscopy shows no adhesion reformation at this area.