Basic publications

Kruschinski D, Homburg S, d'Souza F, Campbell P, Reich H 

Adhesiolysis in Severe and Reccurent Cases of Adhesions Related Disorder (ARD) – A Novel Approach Utilizing Lift (Gasless) Laparoscopy and SprayGel™ Adhesion Barrier 
Surg Technol Int. 14; 131-139 (2006)(englisch) 

Original article as pdf file Surgical Technology International


Kruschinski D 

Don’t let adhesions happen to your patients! 
Suppl to OutpatientsSurgery, March 2007, 32 – 35 (2007)(englisch) 

Original article as pdf file Outpatient Surgery Magazine Supplements 


Kruschinski D 
Laparoscopic GYN: 4 Reasons to Go Gasless 
OutpatientsSurgery, VOLUME VI, NO. 1, 49-53 (2006) 

Original article as pdf file Outpatient Surgery Magazine 


Kruschinski D

Case paper about SprayGel 

File as pdf Case paper