What is the impact of adhesions?

What is the impact of adhesions on patients and surgeons?

The Impact of Adhesions on Patients:
  • Adhesive Disease accounts for 49-74% of small bowel obstructions. 
  • Adhesive Disease accounts for 15-20% of infertility cases. 
  • Adhesive Disease accounts for 20-50% of chronic pelvic pain cases. 
  • Reduced quality of life. 
  • Loss of work days and productivity 
  • Increased risk, complexity and complications during subsequent surgery. 
  • One study showed a 19% rate of adhesion-related bowel perforation during subsequent/secondary operations. 
  • Bowel perforations occur even more frequently (33%) during surgery for SBO. 
  • Patients with adhesion-related perforations had significantly higher postoperative complications (leaks, wound infections, hemorrhages and length of stay).

The Impact of Adhesions on Surgeons:

  • Increased reoperative times 
  • Increased risk of enterotomy 
  • Increased level of surgical complexity