How common are adhesions?

How common is the problem of adhesions?

Adhesions are a widespread problem and develop following any type of pelvic or abdominal surgery. 

The rate of adhesion formation after surgery is surprising given the relative lack of knowledge about adhesions among doctors and patients alike. 

Adhesions have been shown to develop in up to 93% of surgical patients. 

This number increased in patients with major and multiple procedures respectively. 

Similarly, some studies found that 93% of patients who had undergone at least one previous abdominal operation had adhesions, compared with only 10.4% of patients who had never had a previous abdominal operation. 

The incidence of adhesions has increased with the rise in gynaecological procedures. 

It has been shown that between 60 to 90 % of women suffer post operative adhesions following major gynaecological surgery.